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Are you pursuing a NIH award (K, R, SuRE, U), Diversity Supplement, or pilot grant?
10/19/2021 10:31 AM - Comment(s)
Do you know anyone that would make a good candidate for the 2021 Congressional Innovation Scholars Program? Nominate them today!
01/21/2021 04:23 PM - Comment(s)

Mr. Clarence Johnson, DoD Office of Diversity Management & Equal Opportunity, and Dr. Joseph Corriveau, ECBC.

Dr. Joseph Corriveau, Director of ECBC in Aberdeen, MD set aside time in his busy schedule to meet with Mr. Clarence Johnson, Director of Diversity Management & Equal Opportunity a...

03/13/2015 04:06 PM - Comment(s)

Mr. Lamont Hames, MSRDC, Mr. Chevalier Cleaves, Air Force, Mr. Adam Sieple and Mr. Eric Stevens, ECBC.

ECBC representatives met with newly appointed U.S. Air Force Director of Diversity & Inclusion's Mr. Chevalier Cleaves to share information about the MSRDC. 

Mr. Cleaves is responsible f...

03/09/2015 04:11 PM - Comment(s)