MSRDC members are more than just research institutions - they are game changers.

The MSI STEM Research & Development Consortium (MSRDC) is a solutions provider, research development partner and strategic asset to more than 60 minority-serving research institutions, industry and government partners. Our members use a combination of basic, applied, and/or advanced technology development research to pioneer groundbreaking solutions.

We help the United States maintain a competitive technological advantage, both at home and abroad through a combination of research, collective expertise and a collaborative platform that drives innovation forward.

An Ecosystem of Innovation

We are a rapidly emerging ecosystem of technical innovation driven by innovative and highly collaborative groups that push the limits of research further.

A Champion for Diversity

The first and only of its kind, positioned to increase the involvement of MSIs in federal research. Our members are bold, innovative and turn each challenge into a successful result.

A Powerful Enabler

Powered with its own funding vehicle that immediately levels the playing field. Our Cooperative Agreement creates pathways for growth that are not present in other consortia.

A Partner in Growth

A force multiplier to help you scale your research portfolio and portfolio building strategies. Our dedicated team, called the TIGER Team, are always working to bring new opportunities to our members.