We would like to share the following opportunity with the University of South Africa:
You are invited to submit abstracts, posters, or papers to the  ...
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Opportunities with the National Science Foundation (NSF)
We would like to inform our members and collaborative partners about the following NSF opportunities:

HBCU-UP provides awards to strengthen STEM undergraduate education and research at HBCUs. Support is available through the following tracks: 

  • Targeted Infusion Projects (TIP), wh...
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On behalf of NASA’s Early Career Faculty (ECF) program we would like to inform members of our consortium for a paid reviewer opportunity. ECF is interested in recruiting reviewers with backgrounds ranging from Guidance and Control, Power Systems, and Advanced Manufacturing. Topics will range from

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 Nominate a Woman in Clean Energy for a U.S. C3E Award

Nominations for the annual U.S. C3E Awards are now open through March 10. The annualU.S. Clean Energy Education and Empowerment (C3E) Awards help to raise the visibility of women in the clean energy sector. The Awards honor mid-career leadership and achievements in eight categories—and boost recipie...

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The Biomedical and Biodefense Support to the Warfighter track will feature sessions on biodefense preparedness; research & development funding and collaboration to create novel military medical solutions; and human performance.
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