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  • Project Highlights

    Design, Development, Prototyping, and Testing of Smart Sensors

    Institution: City College of New York
    Project Period: 2020-2021
    Sponsor: Office of Naval Research
  • Project Highlights

    Improving Leeway Drift Data for USCG Research and Rescue Optimal Systems

    Institution: University of Texas San Antonio
    Project Period: 2020-2021
    Sponsor: United States Coast Guard
  • Project Highlights

    Advancement of Additive Manufacturing Process Monitoring and Metal Matrix Composite Fabrication

    Institution: University of Texas El Paso
    Project Period: 2017-2019
    Sponsor: United States Armament Research and Development Engineering Center
  • Project Highlights

    High-Throughput Screening of the Toxicity of Various Organophosphate Compound

    Institution: Albany State University
    Project Period: 2016-2017
    Sponsor: Defense Reduction Agency
  • Project Highlights

    Scaling Effects in InGaN/GaN Micro-LED Impact of Non-Radiative Surface Recombination on Efficiency

    Institution: University of New Mexico
    Project Period:    2021-2022
    Sponsor: Department of Energy
  • Project Highlights

    Reactive Armor Tile Pilot Scale Demilitarization over Demonstration

    Institution: New Mexico Institute for Mining and Technology
    Project Period: 2023-2024
    Sponsor: Department of Defense

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