Dr. Isiah M. Warner

Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, Philip W. West Professor of Chemistry and a Boyd Professor of the Louisiana State University system. He is one of the world’s experts in the area of fluorescence spectroscopy and has been a renowned researcher for over 35 years. He has more than 300 refereed publications in a variety of journals relevant to the general areas of analytical and materials chemistry. His particular expertise is in the area of fluorescence spectroscopy. More recently, his research has focused in the area of ionic liquid chemistry applied to solid phase materials for applications in materials chemistry and nanomaterials.

Research interests include the development and application of improved methodologies (chemical, mathematical, and instrumental) for studies of complex chemical systems including environmental chemistry, using tools such as fluorescence spectroscopy, separation science, nanomaterials, automated methods of analysis, and chemistry in organized media.

One of Professor Warner’s greatest passions is mentoring. He has been involved in developing new educational models involving metacognitive learning strategies and the use of a mentoring ladder that extends the impact of an individual mentor. He has also conducted educational research that focuses on mechanisms for maintaining and enhancing student education in STEM, with a focus on getting these students to pursue terminal degrees. Professor Warner has earned numerous awards from many prestigious institutions. He has recently been honored with the 2014 Oesper Award and the 2013 American Chemical Society (ACS) Award in Analytical Chemistry.