Funding Opportunity in Future Manufacturing: Due June 5th

04/27/2020 09:43 AM
MSRDC has submitted a letter of intent for seed grant proposals for an NSF solicitation on Future Manufacturing and is teaming partners in this multidisciplinary, multi-institution proposal. 

If interested, your responses are needed by April 30th.

Seed grants (FMSG) would be for 2 years, $250k per yr and involve teambuilding, concept development, and research initiation, potentially leading to larger Future Manufacturing research proposals. Our proposal will focus on Cyber manufacturing but can also include bio and eco manufacturing. For details see

Proposals must show a clear link between research and production and meet two key criteria:
  1. Future Manufacturing: Fundamental research to enable manufacturing that:
  2. Multi-disciplinary, large scale convergence research approach:
    • Research driven by a specific and compelling problem. Convergence Research is generally inspired by the need to address a specific challenge or opportunity, whether it arises from deep scientific questions or pressing societal needs.
    • Deep integration across disciplines. New frameworks, paradigms or even disciplines can form sustained interactions across multiple communities.

The letter of intent submitted for this solicitation and full solicitation text is attached. 
Read the Letter of Intent
Full Solicitation Text
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