Seeking Computer Science Graduates from HBCUs

04/25/2022 01:41 PM

Corvado, Inc is seeking HBCU computer science graduates with a software development background to join their team to further develop their proprietary asset management application; an application originally created to increase productivity in the management of commercial building assets (e.g. HVAC equipment, elevators, refrigerators, motors, etc.), which has since expanded to include a wider variety of goods.  It is important to note the application is built on atop Salesforce’s CRM platform – experience with Salesforce is preferred.  In addition to this application, the company is consistently working on new development projects.  Additionally, Corvado, Inc is interested in partnering with HBCUs whom possess focuses or special expertise in the field of computer science for their future projects.

For consideration or questions, please reach out to Kristin Howard[email protected]