NASA's Space Technology Research Institutes Solicitation

06/06/2022 09:50 AM

We are pleased to announce that NASA has released a solicitation titled Space Technology Research Institutes (STRI). This solicitation, available on NSPIRES, is an Appendix to the Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) NASA Research Announcement, titled Space Technology Research, Development, Demonstration, and Infusion 2022 (SpaceTech-REDDI-2022) (SpaceTech-REDDI-2022) (SpaceTech-REDDI-2022).    


The Appendix seeks proposals from accredited U.S. universities for university-led, sustained, multidisciplinary space technology research focused in strategic areas for transformative impact to future NASA exploration and science. The solicited research institutes construct enables coordination of experts from a wide range of fields and organizations in a single distributed research structure. For research areas of overlapping interest, this approach could significantly increase partnerships between NASA, other government agencies, industry, and academia, enabling greater progress and benefit for all involved. The STRI award value is up to $15M total. Research and development efforts will take place over five years.   


This Appendix exclusively seeks proposals that are responsive to one of the following two topics:   

  • Accelerating Additive Manufacturing Certification with Model-Based Tools
    • The goal of this topic is to develop an integrated computational and experimental approach to advance rapid certification of additively manufactured spaceflight hardware.
  • Quantum Technologies for Remote Sensing
    • The goal of this topic is to identify quantum-based technologies that can substantially improve NASA’s science investigations, and to perform research and development that will result in a path toward their advancement for remote sensing space instruments.


We believe the above set of topics would be of interest to faculty within engineering departments and beyond, and we would very much appreciate your assistance in distributing this message widely.   


Only accredited U.S. universities are eligible to submit proposals to this solicitation, and teaming is required, with a minimum of three participant universities (including the lead university). The PI must be either a tenured faculty member or an untenured faculty member on the tenure track from the proposing university. Co-Investigators (Co-I) from the participating organizations are required, and postdoctoral associates, consultants, and collaborators are permitted. Industry and non-profit entities are permitted to partner. See the solicitation (Section 3.0) for the complete set of eligibility requirements and limitations.


Mandatory preliminary proposals are due by August 3, 2022, and the target deadline for invited full proposals is November 3, 2022.


Should you or your associates desire to contact the STRI team with any questions, please direct your correspondence/inquiries to [email protected].