NASA’s Minority University Research & Education Project’s (MUREP) Space Technology Artemis Research (M-STAR) grants

04/28/2021 01:55 PM

We are pleased to bring to your attention the next phase of NASA’s Minority University Research & Education Project’s (MUREP) Space Technology Artemis Research (M-STAR) grants is now open!


As you may know, STMD is working with MUREP to better engage Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) and Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs). MUREP, administered by the Office of STEM Engagement, provides financial assistance via competitive awards to MSIs & HBCUs. MUREP’s latest MSTAR solicitation offers up to $500,000 over 2 years for MSIs and HBCUs to strengthen and develop their research capacity and infrastructure in alignment with STMD’s technology capability priorities. The initiative’s goals, more generally, are to: 

  1. Expand the nation’s base for space technology
  2. Promote MSI/HBCU participation in STMD opportunities 
  3. Strengthen participation of faculty, researchers, and students in MSIs/HBCUs in STMD research and related opportunities 
  4. Support a diverse workforce at NASA and in aerospace 


MSTAR is fully funded by OSTEM, MUREP plans to fund 5 projects. These implementation grants build upon the smaller MSTAR planning grants  that were issued last year.


MUREP and STMD are hoping to share the opportunity with as many eligible institutions as possible, increasing the MSIs & HBCUs who are aware of and applying for STMD opportunities. The proposal deadline is May 10. If you would like any additional information, please let Stephanie Yeldell, STMD’s education lead, know. 


Looking ahead: MSTAR proposal reviews are scheduled for late May to early June. If you are interested in serving as a reviewer, please let Stephanie know as well. STMD reviewers ensure MUREP funds projects that best align with our mission directorate priorities. The structure of the review panel will depend on the number of proposals received and the represented topic areas.