DTRA Basic Research University Day: March 22, 2019

02/07/2019 01:42 PM

On Friday, March 22, 2019, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) will conduct a University Day in Lorton, VA to announce details on the transition of the Basic Research investment to an Alliance model and garner input from the community on the three DRAFT Broad Agency Announcements (HDTRA1-19-S-0002, HDTRA1-19-S-0003, and HDTRA1-19-S-0004) posted to grants.gov on 6 February 2019.  The University Day will also provide an excellent opportunity for networking.  For those that are unable to attend in-person, a virtual attendance option will be available, however, DTRA encourages in-person attendance.

Registration is required for all attendees, whether participating in-person or virtually. The total number of in-person attendees may be capped, at the discretion of DTRA; determination for attendance will be based on space limitations, diversity of universities, and coverage across Broad Agency Announcements and Research Areas.  Interested individuals should request participation by emailing the following information to DTRA-URA-Program@mail.mil by 15 February 2019:

  • Name
  • Affiliation to include university and school/department
  • Email address
  • Statement on permission to release contact information to other registrants for networking purposes
  • Interest in Broad Agency Announcement, Research Area, and Focus Area, as appropriate
  • Preference for in-person or web-based participation
  • Confirmation of U.S. Person status to include citizenship; Foreign Nationals with permanent resident status must provide copy of permanent resident card (front and back) that includes the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Number.  Please note that this scan should be submitted via email as an attachment that is *password-protected*; ensure that the password is sent in a separate email.

Confirmation of registration will be provided via email on/about 21 February 2019 with a logistics package or connection information, as appropriate.  To the maximum extent possible, DTRA will document the University Day and post briefings, questions, answers, etc. with the final Broad Agency Announcements.

Potential attendees should note that in-person attendance at the University Day will be limited to U.S. Persons (limitation does not apply to virtual attendees).  For the purposes of the University Day, a U.S. Person means any U.S. citizen or alien admitted for permanent residence in the U.S.  This limitation is due to timelines and the security of the facility and does not impact participation in the Broad Agency Announcements.

Registration requests received after 15 February 2019 may be considered on a limited basis and within the constraints of space and security.

DTRA personnel will provide brief presentations and will be available to field technical and administrative questions—program leadership, the Grants Officer, and the program managers will be in attendance.  In addition, a break-out session will be conducted by the Program Managers for each of the three Broad Agency Announcements. 

Participation by Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and from Minority Institutions (MIs) is encouraged.  Opportunities for HBCUs and MIs to have booth space will be provided on a by request basis, pending space availability which is limited.  HBCUs and MIs interested in booth space should reach out to DTRA-URA-Program@mail.mil  as soon as possible to coordinate booth space.  

Administrative and technical questions may be emailed in advance of the University Day to DTRA-URA-Program@mail.mil  no later than 1 March 2019; answers may be provided at the University Day, at the discretion of DTRA. 

Current Basic Research awardees should note that existing DTRA travel funds may not be used to attend the University Day. 

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