Call For Solution Briefs

About the Call

MSRDC is assembling Solution Teams consisting of our consortium members and collaborative partners, including majority institutions of higher education and private industry firms.  To make the right matches for the solution teams, we need to identify what you consider to be your strongest technical capabilities based on the DoD’s research priorities and needs.

As we continue to interface with our DoD customer to understand the technical areas where there is the most interest, we are positioning our consortium members and partners to respond with solutions.  In some cases, the solution may come from a single institution or in other cases, it may make more sense to assemble the collective, complementary capabilities of a team.

Submitting Your Brief

Step One:  Please create your Capability Profile by clicking on the broad technical capability categories below that best describe the areas of expertise for your institution or business. A survey form will appear and you will be asked to enter your institution name. Under each broad category, read the details of each technical area and select no more than four specific areas.  These should be areas for which you have demonstrated capability. You will be asked to document your institution’s capabilities in the selected technical areas by entering any related patents and/or related infrastructure.

Step Two: To upload a solution brief, after submitting your technical areas and your related patents and infrastructure, you will be urged to submit a quad chart and/or a white paper which documents a technical idea or solution for the corresponding technical expertise area that you have identified. These will be used to identify funding and/or partners. Please note that multiple Solution Briefs may be submitted for any of the selected areas.

Quad Chart Example: For the quad chart, please click on the link to see and download the template. NOTE: Part of the quad chart requirement is to include a one-page summary that is non-proprietary and suitable for distribution to potential partners, including other consortium members, collaborators, majority institutions, industry and etc. to facilitate collaboration and matchmaking.


Capability Categories


Energy, Materials Science & Engineering

Computational, Information & Analytical Sciences

Medical, Healthcare & Human Performance Sciences

CBRN Defense Research

Communications, Electronics & Cyber Research

Munition & Armament Systems Technologies

Click for a PDF of sub categories

*Please do not submit proprietary information

With your submission, it is acknowledged and accepted per the Consortium Membership Agreement and Collaborative Partner Agreement that information provided herein may be disseminated to other Consortium Members as well as Consortium Collaborating Partners in furtherance of but not limited to the Consortium’s agreed upon goals of expanding collaborations and resources to enhance and to strengthen Member resources, capabilities and opportunities.