Our Strategic Approach

Individual Researchers

Current projects are awards to individual principal investigators to
develop solutions for specific federal needs. This allows each researcher to expand on their ideas for maximum results and develop potentially larger projects.

Targeted Solution Teams

Small groups of multi-organizational, interdisciplinary high-caliber researchers formed to address specific needs of select topics. These teams are built upon a culture of high-performance and innovation that deliver scalable, repeatable, consistent results to drive innovation forward.

Communities of Best Practice

Communities of subject matter experts that provide strategic guidance and shape next-generation solutions to complex issues. These communities contribute to the body of knowledge for research areas such as cybersecurity, chemical/biological, nuclear, homeland security and more.

Strategic Partnership Management

We create spaces to develop trusting relationships with research teams and collaborative partners that will improve morale and productivity. We establish a cadence of discussions with members and stakeholders to ensure goals and objectives are met.
   •  Partnership creation, meeting management, and development of platforms for confidential information sharing.
   •  Identification and development of strategies that drive collaboration between members and agency partners to uncover partnerships that provide solutions to challenging problems.
We ensure deadlines are met through a series of check-ins and progress updates and report to our agency partners to ensure compliance.

Non-Technical Management

We participate in strategic planning to identify projects that achieve goals and objectives while streamlining functions. We also provide significant value-added expertise in developing new concepts, techniques, and standards using a wide-range of experiences.